CAPERS IN BRINE   1) You need freshly picked  JONJOLY  or preserve .

CAPERS IN BRINE     2) Carefully open  the class conteiner and dump on draning pan to rins with frash water, after rinsing make sure to squezze out all the water with your hadns.

CAPERS IN BRINE    3) chop  one onion and mixed it in 

CAPERS IN BRINE  4) add  3  table spoon  red or white wine viniger  to mix with the salad

CAPERS IN BRINE 5) Give little more flavor by adding 3-4 Table spoon  olive oil or Sunflover oil  in the sallad

CAPERS IN BRINE 6) Once you've added all this ingridients, you may add some black paper to your taste  and mix it up  again. Set it  for 10 minuts and salad is ready to serve.